Hipper Crit

Young Adult

By John Allen

Publisher : iuniverse

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John Allen

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John Allen has written more than twenty books in a variety of genre: fiction, non-fiction, mainstream political, historical romance, environmental and fantasy. Two of his titles have movie contracts with London-based Hourglass Productions, an More...



Hipper Crit is a riveting tale of high adventure. Largely mythical, the Chronicles take us on a voyage of discovery, for this journey isn’t only geographical, but also personal.

Under the guidance of Don Caminus, Hipper Crit must reach the Far Country, but once detoured into the Land of Altered Perspective, many obstacles challenge this goal. Sophus, Pessimus and Wanderlust each have their own brand of wisdom, and Hipper Crit is constantly weighing up the advice he receives, while lurking in the background is the fearsome Mandible Gnaw, whose cunning and malice are unsurpassed.

But Hipper Crit also discovers that assistance is close at hand, for the High Council has dispatched Rhindol and Bandor for the express purpose of delivering The Willing to the Far Country and defeating the terrible Gnaw. They are unrelenting in their efforts to complete their task, but when confronted by Gnaw’s final desperate scheme, they must rely on the unlikely help of one they were supposed to assist in order to deliver the company to its destination.

When Hipper Crit is told by The Goodman to go to the Far Country, it sounds like an easy trip. But even with Don Caminus as his guide, he is soon diverted into a strange land where perception is everything – for better or for worse. From the Mountain Cabin to the Land of Altered Perspective, from the Great Cave to the Far Country, from Hipper Crit to Mandible Gnaw… Join Bandor and Rhindol as they struggle against the vile beast of the swampish lowlands, whose only purpose is to destroy those making the journey to the Far Country. Share their concern as they reason with the inhabitants of The Land, or simply appreciate the changes they undergo in order to live side by side with The Willing. Listen in on the High Council’s deliberations as the Lord Greatheart attempts to muster support for his plans. The Council’s purpose is to implement the will of The Goodman, but its members do so with limited knowledge, and when unexpected rebellion rises within the camp and one of their number is expelled from their company, the danger multiplies. Finally, enter the heart of the rebel himself, and walk with him to the edge of the precipice and beyond…