Blood Lament

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Raven Dane

Publisher : Discovered Authors Diamonds

ABOUT Raven Dane

Raven Dane
                     Raven Dane;
'Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best'

I am an established mainstream published author of the dark fantasy series, The Legacy of the Dark Kind. 

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The second in the Legacy of the Dark Kind series, Blood Lament chronicles the reckless misadventures of Jazriel. An unlikely character to join the pantheon of literature's heroes, he is vain, hedonist, insecure and not too bright.
But when the Dark Kind's future is hanging in the balance, their only hope is the uneasy pairing of Jaz , a dissolute wreck of a  blood drinker and Gabrielle Railton, a feisty, vampire hating human.
'I would never have thought I could fall for a vampire but Jazriel is one heck of a seductive character and Blood Lament is a roller coaster ride of breathtaking adventure. raven dane's second book about the Dark Kind is compelling and convincing-she goes from strength to strength.
Author Helen Hollick