The Paris Diaries

Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction, Travel

By Marilyn Campiz

Publisher : createspace

ABOUT Marilyn Campiz

Marilyn Campiz
Marilyn Campiz has been a lifelong memoirist, poetess, and writer.  A world traveler, former expatriate teacher presently in back in the USA. She is an active supporter of the arts, collaborating and writing about projects all over the world. 
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In a quest of her passions, Marilyn journeys to Paris and records the pulse of life of those who are on similar quests.  Is it always wise to pursue matters of the heart?  Perhaps, not for all.  Perhaps not all can.  Perhaps not all would dare, but that is what she did.

This was a time in my life where I seemingly felt adrift, between the person I was and where I was going. All I knew at the time was I wanted not just to follow my heart. I wanted to rip it inside and out. I went on a journey that changed my life and set me on a direction to do and create more with my life. It took a lot of faith, courage, and love. I wrote the work to capture moments, remember the wonderful people I encountered along the way, and as a testament to follow your heart. I stayed with a lovely woman during my time in Paris who also shares her story in her own words. Translation at times was difficult, but we made it through the journey together. I will never forget her and her large heart. I also want to bring attention to the wonderful artist who created the cover for me, Xcathedra. An incredible talent I had written an article on for Chic Today. The right people came together to help me with the work on this project, which on the surface may just appear about the superficial things of life, but deep down, the yearning to love and what that can mean.