Memories are Precious: Alheimer's Journey: Ruths' Story


By Fran Lewis

Publisher : XLibris

ABOUT Fran Lewis

fran lewis
 am the author of three children's books. The first two are on Barnes and Noble and as well as on Booksamillion and other on line sites. My Name is Bertha is the first book and Bertha Speaks Out is the second. I have submiited my third book Bertha Fights Back for publication More...


Alzheimer's is a deadly disease and no one should get it. But, it is incurable. This book was written to be a resource for those needing help for a loved one who has this illness and to have you read and listen to my mom's own words from the day she learned she had this disease until today. 

I wrote this book in order to raise awareness for a cure for Alzheimer's and to raise funds to help with research to rid the world and people of this dreaded disease.