Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences


By Joseph Mbele

Publisher : Africonexion

Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences

ABOUT Joseph Mbele

Joseph Mbele
I am a professor of English and Folklore and also a cultural consultant specializing in the differences between African and American culture. I enjoy teaching and writing, doing research on folklore, and helping bridge the cultural gaps between Africans and non-Africans, especially America More...


This book discusses differences between African and American culture, to help prevent cultural miscommunications which might poison or ruin relationships between Africans and Americans. I am lucky to have lived in both Africa and America, and I feel priviledged and obliged to share my views and experiences with others

This booklet deals with differences between African and American culture. I noted these differences during my graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980-86. I used to spend much time with fellow African students joking about American ways. We wondered why, for example, the police often arrived at parties, to report complaints by neighbours that the music was too loud. What was the purpose of a party, we wondered, if not to have a good time, and how could anyone have a good time if the music was not loud? Compared to African parties, American parties seemed like funerals. (Above is the opening paragraph of my book. You can guess what follows in the rest of book)

(1) A very interesting book about culture by Prof. Joseph Mbele 04/23/2009

A book by Prof. J. Mbele
Are you planning on traveling to Tanzania?
Are you familiar with their culture?
Do you feel comfortable with the people you are going to meet?
Would you like to learn a thing or two about culture?

I would recommend that you read the book "Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences" by Prof. J. Mbele.

This is educational book was written by one Tanzanian, Professor Joseph Mbele. I have personally read the book and learned a lot from it. It is a very small book but very rich in information about culture.

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(2) Customer Review,

Works for me!, August 6, 2009
By Professional Strong Man
Mbele takes on the arduous task of comparing American and African cultural differences, focusing mostly on Tanzanian culture and customs - and he does this in less than 100 pages. Anyone interested in this topic will find mostly anecdotal comments and observations from someone who has spent time on both continents. In the end Mbele notes that people are different and that we should embrace and accommodate our differences as much as possible. This is a good book with good information to consider if you are traveling to Africa anytime soon or hosting an exchange student from Africa.

I am traveling to Tanzania later this year as part of a faculty exchange program and found Mbele's comments and observations useful. I was very glad to discover that many Tanzanians appreciate good beer and that the overall pace of life is a bit slower than that found in the US. I'm was already looking forward to the trip and after reading this book I am even more excited. Asante sana Prof. Mbele!