Reach for the Sky

General Fiction

By Mark Siet

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Mark Siet

Mark Siet
Imagination is an all encompassing experience.  It happens in the now and repeats itself over time.  The mind never stops inventing and reinventing.  I always ask why this or how do things work or what would happen if?  All of these questions generate the answers that you will find in  More...



Guitarist races to complete invention that spells the end of oil.  The combustion converter uses energy from the upper atmosphere and earth's core to provide an infinite source of energy eliminating once and for all the need for fossil fuel.  The Fabulous Four a conspiracy of corporate interests seek to stop this invention from seeing the light of day.  An unexpected ally appears changing the playing field and making possible this one chance for free energy to be available for the entire world.  Filled with humor, chases, intrigue, political machinations and the warmth of friendship.

Didn't you ever listen to the news or read about the oil prices going up and down and felt helpless to do anything about it? Did you ever wonder if there were any other way out of this oil situation that not only fuels our energy needs but also is the backdrop for the politics between nations as everyone struggles for resources? One night I dreamed up a design for free energy and six months later began writing Reach For The Sky. Halfway through I read about Nikola Tesla and realized that he already had a design that was ridiculed back in the 1930s even though he proved the concept. I decided then to incorporate briefly the incident in my story where my protagonist Mike Miller discovers Tesla's lost notebooks. There must be a reason why this never saw the light of day. My novel explores those reasons with explosive conclusions and a story that is non stop entertaining.