The World Can't Take My Smile


By Avery S.

Publisher : sani_publishing

ABOUT Avery S.

Avery S.
Avery was born in the projects on the south side of Chicago and was the product of creative genes.  From the moment he could hold a pencil writing and drawing were among Avery's favorite pursuits.  Avery comes from a musical family and his influences range from Classical to Hip Hop. Aver More...



"The World Can't Take My Smile" is a spirtual memoir of emotions, thoughts and feelings.  This wonderful collection of works inspires and delights.  The book is both a dedication and validation to all the souls who have been tortured by love. 

This book comes with a spoken word CD which corresponds with the text.  It makes for an easy read as one listens to the authors interpretation of the material. The reader can almost feel his soul.

This book is for people who refuse to lose. This book is for people who feel there is something better around the bend if they can just hold on. This book is for people who have been made a fool of by love. This book is Avery's soul in words sighing out to the cosmos about this thing we call life.