Nowhere Feels Like Home

Young Adult

By LK Gardner-Griffie

Publisher : Shanlian WordLit Press

ABOUT LK Gardner-Griffie

LK Gardner-Griffie
Born in Seattle, WA and raised & living in Southern California, I am definitely a west coast girl. I started reading when I was 2 years old, so I don't remember learning how, just that books have always been a part of my life. I've always enjoyed reading and as far back as I can rememb More...


Stuck in bed with a book and a broken ankle, Katie McCabe must deal with her anger toward the town bully who put her there. Katie is still reeling from the grief of losing her father, her home, her friends, and life as she knew it before her world fell apart. As if she isn’t dealing with enough, she’s restless from being cooped up in the house with Uncle Charley and three overprotective cousins. While plotting revenge against the bully, Katie is outraged when warned to keep quiet about how she got the broken ankle. Her new family tries to make her comfortable by sharing parts of their own past as Katie tries to settle in. But it’s cousin Sarah’s job to keep Katie in bed, and watch over her when a love interest from school comes calling. Despite her new family's good intentions, Katie feels like an outsider. Will she ever belong? To Katie, Nowhere Feels Like Home.