I Visited Europe and Survived...A Travelogue of fun and adventure

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By Jan Frazier

Publisher : Outskirts Press

ABOUT Jan Frazier

Jan Frazier
I'm a retired secondary teacher, now teaching at Bradley University, Peoria, IL. I've written 12 books, including a young adult series of adventure and fantasy. Always a reader myself, I started to write and published my first book in 2002. Besides writing and teaching, I love to travel, s More...



A travelogue of fun and adventure of two girls in Europe on a summer's vacation in 1972. It's a nine-week saga which neither of them could ever envision. Trying for 3 days to get out o O'Hare, the two young teachers find how easy it is to lose their hotel on their first day in London. Amsterdam offers its own set of experiences, starting with the "staircase to hell" in their hotel followed by incredible adventures in the city of Amsterdam which never sleeps. In Paris, the two are put into a tiny, hot, attic room in the hotel, and they find that they have to jump the metro wall in order to find their exit. They are without marks in Germany and without a reservation on the night train to Madrid. The two end their nine-week adventure on the suicidal highways of Italy as they drive their small, red Opal in search of their genealogy. Laugh your way through I Visited Europe and Survived, which is a creative nonfiction that gives the readers a multitude of hilarious Europeans exploits that they won't forget.

Having lived in Europe and traveled with students during the summers throughout Europe, I had a multitude of crazy experiences to share with the world. This book is the result of those experiences.