With Black & White Comes the Grey--The Battle of Armageddon--Book 1

Mystery & Thrillers

By Giovanna Lagana

Publisher : Lachesis Publishing

ABOUT Giovanna Lagana

Giovanna Lagana
Giovanna Lagana is an award-winning, freelance author and editor, who loves to work with authors on their stories as well as to create her own. In both instances, she gets to escape reality and travel into worlds of fiction to meet the most interesting and memorable characters. She’ More...


A boy searching for absolution finds terror and torment...

Driven by guilt of his father's death and fear of his newfound visionary abilities, Jonathan runs away from home only to befriend pure evil.

A mother haunted by dreams avenges her son's death...

When nightmares of Miriam James' missing son's death invade her sleep, she decides to go with her deceased husband's friend in search of her son's murderer.

A man driven by love sacrifices everything...

Alex Thompson has loved Miriam for so long, but she was never his to take. When her husband suddenly dies and she becomes available, he struggles with his conscience to honor his friend's memory while he helps her in her quest.

A demon seeks to destroy his formidable enemy...

With an army of visionaries at his side and his supernatural powers, Nathan searches for his enemy and the secret to destroying The Chosen One.


"This story is character and plot driven with plenty of atmosphere and dark tones to aid in those chills as they run down your spine....”

—Midwest Book Review


"...Ms. Lagana is a masterful storyteller that will tear the reader’s heart out and deliver it on a silver platter! All this reviewer can say is don’t read it in the dark!”

—5 Hearts, Love Romances


“...Wow! This one grabs you and does not let loose until the dramatic climax, which left me with my jaw hanging in awe! ... I will be anxiously awaiting future tales from this talented new author!"

—4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews


"... Ms. Lagana's ability to project terror and fear, will have you covering your eyes, but still unable to stop the pages from turning....Your heart rate will accelerate and your palms will begin to sweat. Be prepared to be frightened out of your wits! ... This reviewer highly recommends it to all that love horror/suspense romance!"

—4 ½ Hearts, The Romance Studio


"...When the battle of Armageddon begins you will be shocked at the climatic conclusion. This book was impossible to put down. "

—5 Cups, Coffee Time Romance


"Giovanna Lagana will keep your eyes glued to each page as you experience the mixed blessings of God’s gifts in his fight to save humanity."

—Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5, Romance Junkies


"Giovanna Lagana is a talented storyteller whose ability to blend religious-themed, supernatural horror and romance is keen and unforgettable. With Black and White Comes the Grey is a fast-paced, suspenseful page-turner that evolves into a chilling climax. You will enjoy the ride."

— Gabrielle S. Faust, Author of Eternal Vigilance


"With Black and White Comes the Grey was an engrossing read.  Ms. Lagana eschews cheap thrills as she weaves her tale of good versus evil and gets to the emotional core of horror.  There is a piquant element of romance that ups the ante for the characters and makes them all the more believable.  The ending gave me shivers and I look forward to seeing what Ms. Lagana has in store for the sequel." 

— David Lee Summers, author of Vampires of the Scarlet Order and editor of Tales of the Talisman Magazine.