ABOUT Francinia Boston

francinia boston
Francinia Boston is a new up and coming urban/ hip-hop Author who writes for the hood. Her books relates to the life and struggles of living in the ghetto. From abusive relationships to drugs being sold to survive. Prior to establishing her new found life as an author, Francinia worked m More...



Product Description

Precious Diamond Walker has everything going for herself. Her mom is her best friend and they talk about everything. She's just started her new life as a college student. Her life takes a drastic turn for the worse when she meets Darrow Michael Wallace, the senior football player who's also the first-round draft pick for the NFL. When he finds out that her body is pure and untouched, he starts abusing her mind, body, and soul, and forces her into marriage. She quits her dream of becoming a pediatrician and starts believing the beatings are her fault. Precious starts losing hope and the very purpose of her existence. But her faith in the Lord keeps her sane at all times. Whenever she goes through torment or pain, she always pulls her pad out and writes her feelings on paper.

This book is inspired by all the women who has every been in an abrusive relationship. or has known someone who has. this is a must read book.