Love by the Numbers

Gay & Lesbian

By SL Danielson

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT SL Danielson

SL Danielson
Author of M/M Romantic Erotic Fiction. I've been writing from the early age of seven years old. I began to delve into alternative works in my teens and finally honed my skills while in college.I am married and have two beautiful kitties.


Scott was the math whiz, the nerd, the boy no one paid any mind to.
Jared was the school baseball superstar, the jock, the one everyone wanted to be.

Math brought them together in a twist of fate. The two get close, but how close can they get when Jared hides a secret life?

I always had a terrible time with math in school and I wish I'd had someone like Scott to help me! I developed these characters roughly 3 years ago. They are the perfect "odd couple" opposites.

Love by the Numbers by Stephanie L. Danielson

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TITLE: Love by the Numbers
AUTHOR: Stephanie L. Danielson
ISBN: 1-60813-113-0
PUBLISHER: Publish America

RATING: 5 Stars!
Review by Teresa


Scott was the math whiz, the geek, the brain. Jared was the school baseball superstar who needed a tutor. Fate brought together, love made they stay together.

Scott Williams is sitting in his last class for the day, Advanced Algebra, and can’t wait for it to end. The teacher Mrs. O’Reilly is your typical strict teacher. Scott quickly realizes that he isn’t the only one who can’t wait for it to be over. Jared Adamson is the star of the baseball team, the most popular guy in the school, and Scott’s dream guy. Scott has watched Jared for months, but he never thought that a popular guy like Jared would ever have anything to do with him, a no account geek.

Things are about to change when Mrs. O’Reilly tell Jared if he wants to play baseball he has to get his grades up and she chooses Scott to be his tutor. Jared has always noticed Scott even though Scott doesn’t realize it. They start working together and find a lot of common interests and become more infatuated with each other. Scott quickly begins to understand that there is something terribly wrong with Jared’s family, but Jared is scared to open up to Scott. What is wrong with Jared and will Scott find a way to help his friend and maybe find the love that he has been looking for?

Ms. Danielson has taken current political issues and created a story that epitomizes what is good and bad in our society while emphasizing that in the end love can conquer all. Scott on the surface is a brainy nerd, but underneath he has a heart of gold. Jared seems to have the world on a string, but looks can be deceiving. Together Jared and Scott may find friendship and so much more if they are willing to fight for what they want, as long as they remember that in the end love means everything. Thanks go to Ms. Danielson for a wonderful and heart-warming story.