Evolution of a Sad Woman

Mystery & Thrillers

By Gale Laure

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

Evolution of a Sad Woman

ABOUT Gale Laure

Gale Laure
is the international selling author of "Evolution of a Sad Woman". 


Evolution of a Sad Woman is a mystery, suspense, thriller and romance book. 

When five men - strangers - who have loved the same beautiful woman, Kizzy, are brought together by her murder, personalities explode and relationships develop.  Homicide detective Evan Picard, Catholic priest Father C.D. Casmiersky, former Pro-football player turned used car salesman Tom Hastings, attorney William Newton and former male model turned taxicab driver Jimmy Smithson will have their lives changed forever when they strive to solve Kizzy's murder.  They will be taken down an unfamiliar dark road of danger, crime and cruelty.  Will they all emerge unscathed?

Prepare to be as surprised as they are by the ending of Evolution of a Sad Woman.