ABOUT J. P. Moore

J. P. Moore
J. P. Moore writes in southern New Jersey, which is a long way from the settings of his novels and stories. He has fond memories of a childhood in the Pine Barrens, however, where endless tracks of mossy wilderness informed the spirit behind his fiction.Whether in worlds of his own design More...



The podcast audiobook sensation! J. P. Moore's thrilling tale takes the zombie apocalypse to the 12th century, and adds heaping doses of history and fantasy.

Martin, a failed Templar Knight, is medieval Europe's last hope against an ancient evil. The dice are cast against the living. Martin perishes on the battlefield, only to wake as an undead soldier serving the very demon he had hoped to vanquish. He is a gifted servant to his new master, but life is not done with him yet.

The world sits on the edge of ruin. Kingdoms crumble. A fallen church splinters. The last judgment is coming, and both the living and the dead must map a dark and brutal landscape. Truth, memory, even virtue--they are all up for grabs.

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Toothless is "brutal, and ... utterly brilliant." (Podagogue)

"[Moore spins] a tale of woe, loss, despair, and the dauntless face of human courage despite insurmountable and indescribable odds. Toothless struggles with his guilt and grasps desperately to the fleeting memories he still holds of his lost wife and daughter. In these memories, in the loves he knew as a man, are the seeds of his redemption, and therein lies the story of Toothless." (Podagogue)

"... the writing is fantastic." (Cloud Culture)