Chante's Song

General Fiction, Romance

By Donneil Jackson

Publisher : Pure Bliss Publishing

ABOUT Donneil Jackson

Donneil Jackson
I wrote my first story during girl scouts. I have no idea how old I was, yet it was then I realized my niche for writing. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a writer.

I went from writing stores by myself to years later finding a friend who shared my passion for writing. W More...



Chante Chambers is a self-proclaimed princess. She has it all: looks, a body women would pay for, a great career, all the material items a girl could want plus some…all of this maintained by her ex, Jason. Whatever mama wants, Jason makes sure mama gets. The one task he failed at was being faithful. With a toss of a Gucci pump Jason was history. Or so she thought.

In a pursuit for love, happiness, and monogamy sometimes mistaken for sex, Chante encounters an array of men, whom if you took the best traits from them all and combined them, it still didn’t create the perfect man. Just as Chante was ready to admit defeat inher quest for love, settle for a battery-operated appliance, and give in to the bottle of brown juice in walks a caramel Adonis. 

Chante's new found love has the potential of being a lifelong love affair. Yet a lunch hour spent in between the sheets with a certain ex complicates things, as thoughts of starting their love anew begin running through her mind.  What's a girl to do when she's torn between two lovers? Does she grab her panties off the floor and vow to never drop them again? Or does she go back for seconds?

In life we all have all met a man who we want to be the one, yet for whatever reason he is just not the one for you. Then you meet the man who is everything you want and need in a man and he wants to love you, yet he isn’t the one you truly want. You know he’s a good man so you entertain him. When thing are going good between you and your new boo the one you really want resurfaces, coming to claim what’s his and claiming to have changed. What do you do? Do you follow your heart and go with the one you really want? Or do you follow your brain and stay with one who is right for you?