Loss, Limbo, Life and Love


By Derek Haines

Publisher : CreateSpace

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Derek Haines
An author of fiction, historical fiction, essays and poetry, Derek Haines writes his books from a view of what fascinates him and not from a formula based on one theme or genre. Starting with poetry before moving into essays and fiction novels, his writing is varied but is always written i More...


A one year journey from crisis to calm documented in verse. An emotional roller coaster encompassing the feelings and emotions confronted in a time of turmoil and confusion and the necessity to make difficult decisions under stress. There is no happily ever after, but there is a return to something like normality.
4.0 out of 5 stars
I don't read poetry By Vivo

This review is from: Loss, Limbo, Life and Love: A Poetic Journal (Paperback)
I don't normally read poetry, but this book was just so very different. It is a story, but mixed up in time so I had to piece together the story of the year for myself. The author exposes himself and it is so clear what his emotions were at the time of writing each poem. 

Once I had finished I understood the pain, suffering, recovery and re-birth that the writer experienced over this one year. It is rare to find such raw feelings in poetry. Nothing is hidden, but it is a bit of puzzle to solve when trying to identify the characters that reappear regularly, and where they fit. Wives, girlfriends, lovers and friends seem to pop up from time to time and then disappear. Only to reappear later in a different mood. 

One thing is for sure, it hides nothing and made me think about how I would react in similar circumstances. 

Well worth a read, even is poetry is not your normal cup of tea.