Young Adult

By Ash Scott-Lockyer

Publisher : Massive Chicken Books

ABOUT Ash Scott-Lockyer

Ash Scott-Lockyer



Shadowknight is a dark young adult fantasy aimed at those who love horses.
As if having a vicious telepath, an ex-terrorist hit man, a drug addicted turncoat and a xenophobic village mob against you weren’t enough...then finding out you had two mothers and one of them wasn’t human could really give you a complex! England’s land is certainly green but Andrew soon finds out it can be far from pleasant...Brought to the Chainings farm house to get over the death of his mother, it doesn’t take long for Andrew to discover that he is a pawn in an ancient and bloody struggle...his fate entwined with that of a strange and beautiful black stallion before either of them were even born.

I was born on a tiny farm on the south coast of England and went on to become a fairly successful theatrical photographer in London. I retired (young I hasten to add) from the media rat-race and now work part time in education....the other part of my time is spent either writing or riding and training my two horses. I write fantasy.....nothing 'high' or even remotely I have a serious Elf allergy. I set my stories in our own world as I think they can be more disturbing that way. Some have accused me of writing for young adults.....but I write to please myself.....that should tell you how mature I am!