Poetic Decree of Diversity


By TC McKinney

Publisher : Createspace


TC McKinney
  My Name is TC McKinney and I am an Author and Poet with multi talent in different fields. I am not only an Author and Poet but also an editor, formatter, website designer, marketer, video editor etc. I am into creative Arts of all kind including Art, Music, Crafts, Poetry etc. My life  More...



Poetic Decree of Diversity is as rich as the name implies itself to be. Rich in culture and influence in our time, this book help unites diversity to a common cause which we all share. A book for the poet, the lover,the hater, the spiritualist, the christian,the emo, the gothic, the tennager,the mother and father, the song writer, etc. 160 plus pages of over 65 poems with divided chapters with a complete appendex  for easy lookup of any poem and its page number. A must have for the diverse soul.   

The story is simple. To promote poetic diversity without the judgment and slander of other people and there accomplishments. To Activate poetic genius for all.

Reviews for poem "comfort of my soul and others.

Reviewed by George Carroll from www.authorsden.com 11/19/2009
Basking in the sun of wisdom is where knowledge is absorbed
Reviewed by Karen Palumbo from www.authorsden.com 11/19/2009
When the soul is set free, Wonderful piece...

Be always safe,
Reviewed by Steve Chering from www.authorsden.com 11/19/2009

Now there's a hot Toddy poem. Well done

Reviewed by Frazel5 from www.originalpoetry.com 01/03/2010

Wonderfully done. I have nothing bad to say, except my mind is longing for more! lol Good job! ~the fraz

Reviewed by Redbloodink from www.originalpoetry.com  01/01/2010

Short writes i like them the leave the reader in awwwwww sometimes as this did... My mind might have been still pondering .....Red

knight4696 commented on Driven (Nocturnal Youth)

01-30-2010 TC- You certainly have a way with words! Love the word play and metaphors ... My favorite 2 lines are. Tough love yet stronger, Last time this happened was a long time longer. .... Nice Work! knight4696 commented on Dreams in Digital 01-30-2010 TC ~ another very nicely penned poem. I like your style, very metaphoric and again the word play and imagery is superb! Nice work! redbloodink commented on Father Time 01-24-2010 God the Father of all... He is amazing and so was this write.... red nonners commented on Sonnet 4 01-03-2010 well written i can sense your gentlemanly qualities. i may go buy your book. well done! redbloodink commented on Wolfs Bane 01-24-2010 what a fantasy write.......... i liked this Tc...... red dumplin commented on Wolfs Bane 01-03-2010 OMG, TC! I love this piece! It's always been a fantasy of mine since youth. It's to be expected from someone from New Orleans. frazel5 commented on Wolfs Bane 01-01-2010 wow. I'm speechless. You have a beautiful form. The flow was great. Wonderful, just plain wonderful. ~the fraz bforibus commented on My Only 01-03-2010 sounds like the offspring of lucifier, very dark and mysterious, but loving and complimenting. great job ad excellent flow bforibus commented on Everything Except 01-03-2010 i enjoyed the poem all the way through except for one stanza and that was the one that included the influenced line. i was hoping that it was more ... unique word play like the rest of the lines it felt out shadowed by the poem as a whole. either way i enjoyed it and it was still a interesting concept. great job