Risky Business

Young Adult

By Julie Kimbrell

Publisher : Hearts On Fire Books

ABOUT Julie Kimbrell

julie kimbrell
My name is Julie Kimbrell. I live in Conway, Arkansas. I’m an avid reader of young adult fiction, of course I love Stephenie Meyer. She’s a true inspiration for me. I had an idea one day and my mother, who’s a former romance writer for Harlequin and my other inspiration, suggested I More...



Eighteen year old Dru Stevens is very independent. She and her mom have made it on their own for the past fifteen years, since the death of her father. She doesn’t want anyone’s pity or help, especially not a guy. She continually struggles with being very short and is constantly getting into fights over it. Since her mom hasn’t dated much and Dru swore off guys, their both surprised when her mom falls in love with a cop. Dru starts to question her own reasons for not dating when she sees her mother’s happiness. Then along comes, Casey Daniels, the first guy to ever catch Dru’s eye. Too bad he thinks she’s a kid, even after she tells him otherwise. After a rocky start and proof of her age, Casey convinces Dru to let him into her life.