Chante's Song

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By Donneil Jackson

Publisher : Pure Bliss Publishing

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Donneil Jackson
I wrote my first story during girl scouts. I have no idea how old I was, yet it was then I realized my niche for writing. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a writer.

I went from writing stores by myself to years later finding a friend who shared my passion for writing. W More...



Chante Chambers is a self-proclaimed princess. She has it all: looks, a body women would pay for, a great career, all the material items a girl could want plus some…all of this maintained by her ex, Jason. Whatever mama wants, Jason makes sure mama gets. The one task he failed at was being faithful. With a toss of a Gucci pump Jason was history. Or so she thought.

In a pursuit for love, happiness, and monogamy sometimes mistaken for sex, Chante encounters an array of men, whom if you took the best traits from them all and combined them, it still didn’t create the perfect man. Just as Chante was ready to admit defeat in her quest for love, settle for a battery-operated appliance, and give in to the bottle of brown juice in walks a caramel Adonis.

Chante's new found love has the potential of being a lifelong love affair. Yet a lunch hour spent in between the sheets with a certain ex complicates things, as thoughts of starting their love anew begin running through her mind. What's a girl to do when she's torn between two lovers? Does she grab her panties off the floor and vow to never drop them again? Or does she go back for seconds?

African Americans on the Move Book Club

5 of 5 stars

Donneil D. Jackson’s Chante’s Song was more than just a great read, it was a visionary. Reading this novel, Jackson depicted scenes not every writer could create. The love making, the arguments, and the tears written in Chante’s Song I could vision in my mind. This was an awesome debut by Jackson, who I am sure will bring some more books that will make your toes curl.

In the story line Chante is torn between two men. Of course most times women tend to run behind the man who breaks our heart instead of embracing the man who only wants to mend our heart. In this case Chante did just that, causing many heads to turn, many hearts to break and many questions to be asked. In Chante's Song you will discover how a woman in her prime can still be blinded by what the truth really is. I applaud Jackson on such a great read. When I read the last page, I was upset. This story must not end. But all good things must come to a end. With that said, Chante's Song was a perfect read, a page turner, and it hit all the right spots. If you want a romance novel full of drama, sex, and deceit this book is just for you. I highly recommend it.

OOSA Online Book Club

4 ½ of 5 stars

Chante Chambers is sexy, bright, quick-witted and impatient. What Chante wants, Chante gets courtesy of Daddy. Daddy is Chante’s ex fiancé and boss, Jason McGee. Despite their failed relationship, Chante is Queen Bee and HBIC at Jason’s World Productions. Many of men have crossed Chante’s path, but none of them can hold a candle to Jason. That is until she meets Mr. Tall, Caramel and Handsome –Keith Simmons. Keith is everything that Jason is not-faithful. Just as a relationship is starting to blossom between Chante and Keith, Jason finally decides he is ready to be the man Chante has always wanted him to be. Torn between two lovers, the past and the future, which will Chante choose?

In her debut novel, Donneil D. Jackson does a wonderful job of capturing the intensity of an on again/off again relationship. CHANTE'S SONG has something for everyone. There is plenty of drama, flavored with sex and a dollop of romance, to balance this novel. It was difficult to hold back the laughs. The writing, vivid and comical, is the hook. However, this novel falls short with its editing. It was riddled with errors. This flaw is relatively minor compared to the great storyline, but it's because of the errors that it misses the mark of a 5-star rating. Overall, CHANTE'S SONG is an engaging and highly amusing story. Donneil D. Jackson is a refreshing new voice and I look forward to her future endeavors.

Real Divas of Literature Book Club

5 of 5 stars

Chante's Song by Donneil Jackson was a excellent read. Chante's Song held my attention from the first page. She had you feeling everything she was feeling. With friends like hers who need enemies. Chante will have you laughing as well as feeling bad for her. Chante has many on/off again relationships with losers. Will Chante ever found the right man?

I recommend this book because it is a excellent read. If I could give the author more than 5 stars I would. I can't wait to see what this author does next.


5 of 5 stars

Donneil Jackson is debuting in the literary industry with her page-turner novel "Chante's Song". I had the opportunity to meet the phenomenal author at the Harlem Book Fair. This is the first novel that I have read from this author, and I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first from just the cover alone. However, I was wrong about this book, and the authoress style of writing, which I found truly phenomenal. Chante's Song is very descriptive and beautifully written. I have review plenty of novels, however I would have to say this is by far one of my favorite.

Chante Chambers is what some people would be considering a full-blown gold digger, but in actuality she is not. Chante has the looks and body that most women would pay for. But the one thing that she wants she is not able to get from her ex Jason, however she does find it in Keith. In order to find out, what happens between Chante and the two men in her life, pick up the book and read it. I give this author a 10 for being her first novel, but I give this book a 10 also...

APOOO Book Club

4 of 5 stars

Chante Chambers has it all, all the material possessions a girl could want and a great career that has great perks. All of this is financed by her ex, Jason, who is the owner of "Jason's World" where Chante works. Anything Chante wants, Jason makes sure she gets. Only because he lacks the one thing that Chante wants the most, him being faithful. Chante loves Jason but she has to make him part of her history, or so she thinks.

Enter Keith, successful, handsome with all the qualities that Chante wants; the type of man with whom she can live happily-ever- after. He provides everything that Jason did not. He treats her with the upmost respect, but respect is only given where respect is due, something Chante fails to realize. No matter how wonderful Keith is, she still has a problem she cannot seem to shake. That may be the very thing that shakes the foundation that Keith and she have built. Will it be too late?

Donneil D. Jackson does an excellent job with her debut novel, "Chante's Song." She makes the characters jump to life; the emotions and the realism of the characters are so life like. I think, at some point in life, we all have felt some of these emotions. If you have ever been torn about something in your life, than you can definitely relate to this story.

back for her with dollar signs, Chante's mind knows better than to go back to him, but her body begs to differ. When she finally meets a man that sets her world seemingly at ease the ground shakes beneath her feet and she must reap ever minute of what she has sowed.

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