A Masterpiece Full of Flaws


By Keiseena Evans

Publisher : LuLu.com

ABOUT Keiseena Evans

keiseena evans
I am an inspiring 20 year old poet. I have been writing poetry for a long time and decided to publish a book. The first book I published was a failure- failure is a gift to me because before you read success you must meet success. My second book has been published and I'm on a mission to g More...



Do you like Edgar A. Poe? Langston Hughes? Maya Angelou- Then purchase my book, Iam an inspiring poet and I write about everything with a very different writing technique- You wont be disappointed !

This book was published during my alcohol abuse; I'm still recovering but at the mind set I was in at the time ; I seen everything so different. I sunk to my all time low and I couldnt help but want to share my mind's thoughts during this time. I want people to know that you are a survivor no matter what the outcome is; I wrote this book about my flaw. I wrote about everything I witnessed while struggling with alcohol cravings; I had no ones help but my mother, other people would just tell me I would need help and keep going about their lifes- I made it without friends and without my whole family and this book is my world; I treasure this book and I hope my readers will too.