General Fiction

By Emmanuel Richard Tchami

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Emmanuel Richard Tchami

Emmanuel Richard Tchami
Born in North WestProvince, The Republic of Cameroon, E. R Tchami now lives in Warsaw, Poland where he has been teaching Ordinary and Business English as a hobby in schools and companies for the past four years. His career has also involved the teaching of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biolog More...



When Dr Criman Normanti and his family set out on a small boat to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation, a shipwreck finds them taking refuge on a lonely island.   Before long, however, they discover that they have company of a most sinister nature as evil forces begin to make their presence felt.


 A chilling atmosphere quickly prevails as the reader is transported into a world of disembodied apparitions in which deeds of a gruesomely horrible nature abound, building up the tension page by page as the family encounter situations beyond imagination.  Very cleverly written, this author has a distinct flair for producing a nail-biting and hauntingly disturbing story, and one which is definitely unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition.   Be warned – this book contains blood-curdling episodes.


E. R. Tchami has excelled in producing a gripping, heart-stopping tale of fictional fantasy which, once begun, is very hard to put down, and is an absolute must-read for horror fans everywhere.