Gay & Lesbian, General Fiction

By Vixen Phillips

Publisher : Lost Violet Press

ABOUT Vixen Phillips

Vixen Phillips
Vixen Lilith Phillips, aka lilimist, is an Australian indie publisher and writer of dark/mythic/lyrical trance fiction.


Raven and Pegasus each have their own reasons for denying their feelings for one another, but once they are all they have left in the entire world, how long can this charade really hold out?

Sometimes, if you wish hard enough, dreams can come true, even if you should wake to find them gone like shadows in the morning.

Set in Melbourne in the late 90s, Trapdoor is a psychological journey through darkness and light--a story of love, obsession and beautiful self-destruction.

This work is rated MA, for Mature Audiences.

It contains adult themes, coarse language, homoerotic content, violence, and self-harm, suicide & drug references.