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By David Bowman

Publisher : Precise Edit

ABOUT David Bowman

David Bowman
David Bowman specializes in writing well. With over 20 years of editing experience, Mr. Bowman has a wealth of strategies and advice to help you communicate in writing, connect with your reader, and reach your goals.

David Bowman is the author of 7 books on writing, the popu More...


This free ebook contains chapters from David Bowman's 6 books on effective writing: Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing, Precise Edit Training Manual300 Days of Better WritingBang! Writing with Impact, Which Word Do I Use?, and Zen Comma.

In this eBook, you will find pages and pages of valuable writing advice and instruction. "Your Writing Companion" contains top strategies and advice from "Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing," "300 Days of Better Writing," "Zen Comma," "Bang! Writing with Impact," "Precise Edit Training Manual," and "Which Word Do I Use? A Quickie Guide to the Most Confusing Word Pairs." Your Writing Companion provides practical, useful, and easy to understand guidance to help you write well. This book demonstrates the exceptional quality of our writing guides.

I love the concise, no nonsense format of the guides. They are easy to read and reference, and they make me a better writer. (Gary Hawk)

David Bowman’s advice on grammar, style, and English usage is both sound and effective because it reflects current scholarly research and best workplace practices. (Scott Sanders, Associate Chair for Core Writing, Director of Professional Writing and Internships, University of New Mexico)

Bowman explains complex ideas . . . in interesting and approachable ways.

(John UpChurch, Amazon reviewer)