Borrowed Love

General Fiction, Romance

By Stavellie Salomon

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Stavellie Salomon

Stavellie Salomon
By the age of eight Stavellie Salomon already begun displaying her precocity as a writer – Coco, the main character, is modeled after her life, but is still somewhat fiction.  A freelance writer and published poet, her first published poem entitled "De Pina" depicted her life  More...



Borrowed love is an epic story on the founding of Love to overcome the debt of turmoil.
Three successful ladies who on the outside seemingly have it all together.
But with a closer look, there is more than meet the eye.

Sexy multifaceted, dedicated and driven perfectionist Rose Shefali Jolie, is not just talented and beautiful, she's a self-made millionaire looking for love in all the wrong places. Professionally, she turns drab to fab. Privately, she's enigmatic when it comes to matters of the heart and unable to turn lust into love. High School Counselor, Anita Raven-does not only counsel her students on life learned lesson, she is the prime example in the field on how to put your demons in order. Professionally, she deals with secrets of the heart everyday. Privately, she even has a few of her own to keep her demons lurking in the shadows. Cassidy Lasher, is not just savvy, controversial and beautiful, she's the highest paid VP in the fashion industry. Her life of debauchery and conquests at the corporate ladder is everything she dreamed of. But a certain soldier enters her life and shows her a different lifestyle. When she is uncapable of swaying him with her grandiloquence, she knew it was going to last longer than her Jimmy Choos.