The 21st Century Emerson Collection

Outdoors & Nature

By Laura Mitchell

Publisher : The Wright Angles

ABOUT Laura Mitchell

Laura Mitchell
I am a freelance writer as well as a ghost writer and editor for The Wright Angles, a company that currently has over 90 books for sale on Amazon/kindle. I currently reside in a valley town in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my children and my dogs.



This is the world's largest collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson in one place with 385 collected works for your kindle, eReader or your computer. We are offering it at the low introductory price of $27.99!

Having been a fan of Emerson, at times it has gotten frustrating trying to find a particular piece or poem and searching through books and the internet. Emerson was a man before his time, and his works will forever be a part of American history and literature.