Bang! Writing With Impact

ABOUT David Bowman

David Bowman
David Bowman specializes in writing well. With over 20 years of editing experience, Mr. Bowman has a wealth of strategies and advice to help you communicate in writing, connect with your reader, and reach your goals.

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BANG! Writing with Impact is THE guide for writing with impact. Bang! contains over 100 strategies for making an impact with your writing. Each strategy is explained in real terms and demonstrated through examples. How do you want your reader to respond to what you write? How can you get that response? This book shows you how.

"Bang! Writing With Impact" has a very specific purpose: help you write in such a way that your readers pay attention and agree with your ideas. I read several books on persuasive writing and rhetorical strategies, but I didn't find any that told me plain and clearly what to do. Using my 19 years of experience as an editor I wrote "Bang!" to show people exactly how to use their writing to persuade. Fluffy books bore me, and highly technical books can be confusing. This book is for the every day writer without an English degree but with a purpose to achieve.

"Bang! has been a good read."--D. Dericotte