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By Tim Roux

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Tim Roux

Tim Roux
I am a writer from Hull, in the North of England, living in Belgium.

I also help run a publishing company called Night Publishing (http://www.nightpublishing.com)  which is dedicated to the cause that "all good books should be published", via its Night Reading (http:/ More...


Fun, shocking, exhilarating, comic and sometimes graphic real-life short stories and poems with a hint (or more) of sex from 12 of the sharpest contributors to the online international writers' magazine

The starting point for this compilation of short stories and poems was a joke challenge to the writers who contribute to the international open online magazine Speak Without Interruption (where you can publish directly onto the site anything vaguely literary of your own making you wish). The challenge was to ‘describe your first sexual experience’. Some responded by doing just that and some others responded by saying that they did not want to be associated with such filth. So we now have our patent remedy against all evangelical door-knockers. You may wish to keep a copy of this book by your front door. It is whippy enough to swat flies and it has a proven track record in warding off other pests. From that inspiring firing gun we broadened the theme to accepting any short story which was true and which reflected on the human sexual condition in some way. We have tried to balance off the tell-it-as-it-is detailed reportage with fun and comedy; we have tried to balance off the comedy with some chilling moments; and we have tried to balance off the fun with poetry. Actually, the poems comprise many of my favourite pieces. So do the short stories. Speak Without Interruption is a meeting place for some very raw, passionate and skilled writers who are well worth a nibble. If you are a writer yourself, come join us. There will be worse to come. If you are a reader, come join us too and maybe we can cajole you into writing.