Lessons from an Evil Mind

Mystery & Thrillers

By Shawna Lynn

Publisher : xlibris

ABOUT Shawna Lynn

Shawna Lynn
  Shawna Stewart, born in California is the youngest of nine children. At 14 she met the love of her life, later marrying him at 18. Together they now have three wonderful children. Suffering from an illness at age 29 she lost her memory and became chronically ill. Determined not to let  More...



My life is something that I have always cherished. But, for the past three years is something that I pray will fade.

My body is weak and my soul weaker, and I find myself unsure how much more pain and torture I can take.

Often I wonder what my life would be like if I had allowed someone to be with on my wedding day. Would I be with the one I love? Or has it always been my destiny to live with the evil that now binds me to this dungeon.

All questions that may never be answered..

My body cringes as once again I hear the footsteps of my captor. He is coming closer to the door! As fast as my weakened body will allow, I run to the middle of the room to take my position. This is not an option, you must be sitting on your knees, hands tucked within your lap and head faced down. If you are not in this position you will be taught a lesson……..a lesson you don’t want to learn.

His hot breath on my neck, indicates that I have broken a rule. My body and mind; now in complete fear; I sit and await the wrath I know he is about to put upon me.

The silence, unnerving, is more then my mind can handle. Screaming only within myself, I leave my fear unseen, unheard.

How "Lessons from an Evil Mind" came about: When my children were younger, I would write them books to help them in a situation they might have been in, such as dealing with a bully. After having my daughter and suffering memory loss, I stopped writing. Well, actually I forgot I wrote. One day, while sitting at home, my son came in and asked,"why I didn't write anymore". I had no idea what he was talking about. Me write? I never wrote anything before, except for papers or school. It was a few days later, when I awoke from a dream, that I picked up my laptop and began to write. I had no idea what I was writing, it just kept pouring out of my head. The next thing I knew, I had written three chapters of a book. Now, I thought, "Well that was fun, lets see if anyone likes what I have written," so I started reading it to my husband. He loved it and encouraged me to finish it. I thought he was just trying to be supportive, but I was so in love with the characters I had wrote, I had to finish. Like I always told everyone,"I had to see what happened next". You see, there never was a plan, when it came to writing the book, only an idea and a main Character "Lue". After weeks of writing, and let me tell you, I wrote morning and night, I was enjoying myself tremendously and could not put the book down, I finally had the book done. Or so I thought. I let some people read it to see what they thought. Everyone that read it said that they loved the book, that they could not put it down, and now call me all the time wondering when I will get book two finished(They say they have to know what happened). The book was a little short(at that time the book was only 170 pages.) So I sat back down and wrote more into the book, making the characters stronger and more interesting. The book started off as a single story, but now has grown to a series of four. The second being "Seeded from Evil." At one point, I thought that I might change the characters names, but after being yelled at by everyone that had read the book and deep consideration, I decided that the characters could not be named any different. They are my Lue, Angel, John, Kamrin and Cheyenne. When I wrote "Lessons from an evil mind" I tried to ensure whom ever wrote it, could relate to the characters. I believe that I succeeded, as so many people have laughed and cried while reading the book. Now for some funny facts about the book:

"Spine tingling, gruesome, terrifying, enthralling read for the voyeuristic mind"

"I got goose pimples"

"Absolutely bloody brilliant. You know how to write of fear, which seems straightforward till you come to do it. Lue naturally gets our sympathy immediately and keeps it."

"THis is a powerful narrative that expodes off the page at at the reader"