Forever Moments


By David Lewis

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT David Lewis

David Lewis
David A. Lewis was born in Norfolk, Virginia to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lewis.  He is the second eldest of six children.  In his father’s footsteps, he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1978.  After 20 years of service and tours of duty in the Persian Gulf wars (Desert Shield and  More...



“Forever Moments” is a collection warm-hearted poems.  This collection of poems will cause the reader to reflect upon their innermost thoughts and feelings.  This collection will move the reader to experience their own emotion through my expression of my own personal experience.  I hope that these words are related to by all who read them.

“Forever Moments” speaks to the emotion common within all of us…it speaks of love in all of its many forms…from its ability to sneak up on us in every day events where we are less likely to recognize it, to our universal need to share love with others….

Each poem demonstrates, with its own tone, a different, yet common emotion.

My hope is that by reading this book, each reader will be able to somehow identify with each poem and realize that, as humans, we all experience the same emotions.  Further, because of that realization, the reader is made able to better identify with all people on a deeper, more spiritual level.


Love endures, no matter its form ……..”Forever Moments

The words in this book is based on the love we all feel but can't bring it to our lips to say.

David Lewis’ skill for creative poetry is released in his most recent literary work titled Forever Moments. This particular book displays his devotion he holds for unconditional love.  His writing style shows the reader that there is nothing more important within our existence than to find that one person that completes the puzzle of life.  To feel so strongly towards another being that life would not be complete without them and to have those feelings returned, is truly a blessing.  Forever Moments is a superb collection of poems that will remind the reader how it felt when he or she met their life partner and knew beyond words how extraordinary they were. 

Mr. Lewis displays his emotions to his readers in a way that one can identify with.  His poems are very heartfelt but yet simple.  Within his poems he captures a deep side of every reader.  Many readers will delight in reading his inter most thoughts and feelings because who among us has never appreciated unconditional love and was unable to express it.  I want to congratulate him on a well written piece and wish him the best in his future writings.

-PD Review Company

I have had the pleasure of reading David Lewis’ book, “Forever Moments”.  David is an exceptional writer who has a keen insight into our emotions and underlying hopes about love.  Reading his poetry gives me hope that love still exists and that it is pure.  As a single woman, David gives me the hope that I will find the love that he portrays.  The images that he evokes with his words are timeless.  I am waiting for David’s next series of poetry.  David, I’m waiting…   - Ms. Melissa Stark


David Lewis', Forever Moments is overwhelming! He has shown that men know how to express their feelings, and he has done it in a mesmerizing way. His poetry is about love in all forms and its most pure. "Is It You", hit home for me, and "In My World" gives a person without mental illness or experience with it, how it feels from the person who suffers. From the love he has for his daughter to the love he shares with his wife, David's heart is on his literary sleeve and gives us all a rare glimpse into the heart of a man who loves his family, friends and life. It is a must read for all who love poetry and is the perfect gift to give to someone you love. Especially if you're a man who can't express himself, David's poetry will help you articulate your feelings to your special someone. I was blessed through his work. Terri Ann Armstrong, Author of My Soul Has Spoken and Where Do I Begin?