Border Wars

Mystery & Thrillers

By Bob Spear

Publisher : Spear's Mint Editions Publishing

ABOUT Bob Spear

Bob Spear
Bookstore owner, author, professional book reviewer, and coach, Bob Spear is a historical performer (Buffalo Bill Cody and Burl Ives), a storyteller, and professional musician. He borrows from his own 25-year career in Army intelligence to lend realism to the stories he writes



3rd in the Leavenworth, Kansas
Enos Hobson Series
by Bob Spear
In this 3rd Leavenworth mystery, Allied Army officers who attend our Army's Command and General Staff College come under threat when the officer from India is murdered by a Pakistani bayonet. Protagonist Enos Hobson is hired to clear the Pakistani officer and discover who really did the murder and why before the international incident blows up into war. Meanwhile, Isaac takes on outlaw bikers.

CGSC is supposed to be neutral ground where all international animosities are set aside for the year. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t snubs and barbs among traditional enemies. One case in point was the 1973 Mideast War. Overnight, all the Israeli Majors disappeared to fly back home to assume positions with their country’s armed forces. Two weeks after that lightning war, they returned to CGSC. Many presented briefings on how Israel had won that war while the Arab students fumed and muttered, totally chagrined. The author and his family sponsored international officer families to CGSC for 25 years. One of those families were from Pakistan, which is how they learned about the conflict over Kashmir.

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