Quest for the Simurgh

Young Adult

By Marva Dasef

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Marva Dasef

Marva Dasef
Marva Dasef is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.  Retired from thirty-five years in the software industry, she has now turned her energies to  writing fiction, most recently YA fantasy.  She finds it a much more satisfying occupation.  She lives with her husband and fat cat in  More...



The village magician, Wafa, has gone missing. His star pupil Faiza thinks he has left a clue for her on a page of the Magicalis Bestialis. With the page open and marked with an X, she believes Wafa is telling them to seek out the Simurgh, the mythical birds who possess all the knowledge of the universe. She convinces her three classmates that they must seek the help of the Simurgh to find their teacher.

She leads the boys on a difficult journey into the mountains in search of the elusive birds. A strange little man becomes their guide. However, they do not know he is a spirit leading them toward a battle between good and evil. Spirits, gods, and demons confront the four friends, who are being set up by the otherworldly forces for a much larger task than finding their teacher. The students were chosen to take sides in the battle which might spell the end of the world: a battle between the demons and the spirits.

In researching Persian mythology for another, lightly humorous book for younger kids, I found some great mythological characters I wanted to use, but they were too darned dangerous. I wrote this book to take advantage of the neat things I found.