America Remembered-Patriotic Inspirations by The Christian Authors Guild

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By Stephen Caravana

Publisher : Vineyard Sound Books

ABOUT Stephen Caravana

Stephen Caravana
Stephen Caravana grew up in Dartmouth, MA, and spent many years working as a commercial fisherman out of New Bedford before pursuing a career in the medical profession as a registered nurse, graduating from Cape Cod Community College and the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.  He al More...



What’s more American than

hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie?


From majestic mountains to shining seas,

the unequivocal answer is, of course, you!



America Remembered is dedicated to everyone who preserves this beautiful land and the ideals of our great country.


Within these pages, you will find hidden treasures that may surprise and delight you. Look back with us as we offer a tribute to our heritage, and ahead, as we share words of hope for the future.


Thirty-three authors of the Christian Authors Guild share remembrances from the foundations of our nation to blessings for our emerging generations. Included are writing samples from our talented pool of first published to our highly celebrated award-winning authors.


Our humor with heart for America is woven through this book like a golden thread of unity. Be entertained by our variety of styles from fiction to nonfiction, from regional colloquialism to poetry.



We hope you’ll agree,

This land is made for you and me!

America Remembered is a compilation of patriotic, inspirational, and nostalgic short stories by member writers of the Christian Authors Guild. To celebrate Christian Authors Guild's 10th anniversary, we have released our fifth book, a collection of short stories, that is sure to entertain everyone who loves this great country that we call the United States of America. Please visit our Web sites and learn more about this inspiring piece of American nostalgia.