Gay & Lesbian, General Fiction

By Sessha Batto

Publisher : Pfoxmoor Publishing

ABOUT Sessha Batto

Sessha Batto
I'm a homoerotic fiction writer given to epic tales of angsty romance and steamy sex centering on the emotional connection between individuals.

I was born in Belfast Northern Ireland, moved to Detroit, then New York, now I'm settled in Baltimore (yes, I have spent my life tourin More...


Shinobi Takahashi Yoshi is on a homoerotic journey through a dark world of sexual abuse, until Sasori Makoto enters his life.

Even in the hustle and bustle of the modern world there are ancient forces still at work. Hidden deep in the underground of modern day Japan ancient groups of allied ninja clans, or shuudan, eke out an existence in the service of ruthless corporations, desperate individuals and blood thirsty crime lords.

Takahashi Yoshi is a talented shinobi of Kobayashi shuudan whose powers have been suppressed. His sense of duty forces him to spend most of his life as a sex slave at the direction of the shuudan's leaders. When the head of covert operations, Sasori Makoto, comes to rescue him, sparks fly and the two men begin a long battle to forge a lifetime partnership with each other.

This novel is a journey through the dark world of sexual abuse and recovery, ending in a loving, committed relationship. It contains graphic abuse and homosexual eroticism, and is for adults only.

It is scheduled for release Summer of 2011 from PfoxmoorPublishing