ABOUT Sandi Selvi

Sandi Selvi
I wrote a book about having multiple sclerosis, and how a stem cell transplant in March of 2000 and a box of comedy tapes, changed my life.



This book is the story of a woman's battle with Multiple Sclerosis, and how she won! Sandi Selvi, born Sandra Lynn Abram - March 15, 1960, San Jose, California. www.sandiselvi.com Comedian and Author of, 'Won't Do Stand-Up in a Wheelchair' (Wyatt-Mackenzie, March 2010)  was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995. When her doctors told her that she was advancing so rapidly that they expected her to be in a wheelchair within 5 years. Sandi began to look for any other possibilities. Realizing right then and there, that there were two things she did not look good in, one was green, the other was wheelchair's. Sandi stumbled upon a well kept secret; stem cell research. They had been doing stem cell transplants for Multiple Sclerosis in Europe, for years. The science had her convinced. It was an alternative. Besides, the drugs the doctors had been giving Sandi, were no longer working. It was a no brainer, she moved to San Diego and volunteered at the Scripps Green Hospital, for an experimental autologous stem cell transplant (using her own stem cells). During her transplant, her lung was accidentally punctured. Sandi now swears that it was a $10.99 box of comedy tapes that she purchased at Costco, that kept her alive that night. Now, it is comedy that keeps her sane. Since the transplant she has had no new lesions, no new symptoms, and best of all, most of her old Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are gone. 

Conclusion: The transplant worked! Who's laughing now?