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Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson is a marketing and advertising professional. He specializes in very focused "how to" guides for small business owners. Currently, he is developing his first work of fiction. His blog is Basic Marketing. His Amazon's Author Page is here: Stephen Wilson



Sell Photos Online describes the exciting process of uploading and selling your photos on sites such as IStockphoto and other online photo sites. The author also profiles his friend, David Lewis, who began selling photos part-time, about four years ago. He makes about $50,000 a year today from IStock, still shooting on a part-time basis.

I watch with amazement as my friend quietly built his portfolio on IStockphoto. I decided that this was too good of a story to pass up. The book is not a traditional photography book, it's a short guide to signing up and selling your photos on various photo Websites. I also highlight what types of photos sell the best on these photo sites - simple sells! I have also included a link to my stock photo Website, where I highlight some of the best selling stock photos and explain, from a marketing viewpoint, why they have succeeded. Why not join the fun and make money in your spare time.