The Eyes of Innocence

Young Adult

By Tika Newman

Publisher : Thistlewood Publishing

The Eyes of Innocence

ABOUT Tika Newman

Tika Newman
Tika Newman is the author of The Eyes of Innocence series. Currently, The Eyes of Innocence, Forever in Her Dreams, and  Window to Her Soul, are released.  Tika is also the owner of Thistlewood Publishing. The popular series is a unique story about a teen-a More...



This wildly popular series tells about the life of an orphaned girl as she grows up displaying an innate way with animals and many surprises for her aunt and uncle. By the age of five, Kalina is showing psychic abilities and the power to heal.  The series opens when Kalina is nearly sixteen, and a white horse haunts her dreams.  On her birthday, the horse appears.  The mare is real, and she is hers.

Kalina's tumultuous life is riddled with unanswered questions.  Someone is watching her, and although she is aware of this, she has no fear.  When the day arrives that she actually meets these people, she quickly forms a bond with them, much to her aunt and uncle's dismay.

Follow Kalina's escapades, as she matures into a gifted psychic and healer.  Her aunt and uncle want her to tone down her abilities, but Kalina is unwilling to do as they ask.  If someone needs her, she reacts, especially if a child is involved.  People grow suspicious of her extraordinary powers, and try to prove their theories, but haven't been able to uncover the truth....yet.
Kalina is unique, as is her story.

Finally, we have an author who displays her heartfelt emotions by bringing Kalina alive to us all!
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