Love in Paradise

General Fiction, Romance

By Lara Daniels

Publisher : Parables

Love in Paradise

ABOUT Lara Daniels

lara daniels
Lara Daniels is a Registered Nurse by day and an avid African romance-suspense writer at nights. Her first full length novel, Love in Paradise was published in 2009. It was quickly followed by a sequel titled Love at Dawn, both of which recieved and continues to recieve rave reviews. La More...

Love in Paradise, is a novel showcasing Africa as a continent that is rich in romantic, yet sensual sentiments. Africans for the past few decades have fed tenaciously on romance novels with Caucasian characters from Europe and America, and this book is written to feature black Africans as the major characters, living in an African continent that is often plagued with the worst social-political mishaps known to man. It is a tale that will be enjoyed not only by Africans living within the continent, but by the millions of Africans migrating to Europe and America daily and by people from other cultures who would relate to the theme of loneliness that is echoed in the book; a loneliness that can only be quenched by falling in love with someone and being loved in return, even in the midst of adversity. The book features Tony Da-Silva, an enigmatic multi-millionaire and Mimi, a new graduate who have built walls to keep out an unkind world. They fall in love at first sight, but are faced with dangers all around which threatens to keep them apart. However, the two come together, conquering the threats of death that faced them.