Science Fiction & Fantasy

By John Siwicki

Publisher : Slabypress

ABOUT John Siwicki

John Siwicki
Born in Salzburg, Austria, grew up in the Midwest, (Wisconsin) moved to Japan in 1995.Started writing poetry at the age of seven. Published five books of poetry, Inflexation, Fences, The Poetry of Food and Drink, Warblings, Are You Casablanca, and the novel ExPRESSION.



John Bird Ray's dream to write his first novel “ExPRESSION” begins after catching a taxi to a bed and breakfast. After registering, and telling the old woman who runs it that he’s writing a book, she takes him to the room. Walking up the stairs she talks about a writer/painter who lived there years before, and disappeared without a trace. As he unpacks, stops a moment watching her stare at a spot outlined on the wall where a picture once hung.


Curious after she leaves the room, he looks at the empty space on the wall, and is mesmerized by what he sees. Soon, images of meetings with women, detectives, and scientists, begin appearing in his mind. He opens his laptop and starts writing about an enigmatic plot of world domination by the organization, Shilo, and a DNA control device called the bubble.


The imagery takes him on a psychological journey linking fantasy with reality as the main character of his book catapults further through unknown dimensions, imagination of the mind, and the realities of the city, twisting and turning on a roller coaster ride of time in a reflection of the world we all search for, to find answers to the questions that we all ask.


Early the next morning John Bird Ray opens his eyes after hearing footsteps in the hall. He sits up in bed, and is puzzled when he sees a painting hanging on the wall in the empty space. He leaves with the painting, and goes to another bed and breakfast to continue writing about the endless battle with Shilo, missing memories, and how he finds his lost love.


Memories never die, and dreams never end!