Tales of a New York Limo Driver

Biographies & Memoirs

By Nicky Testaforte

Publisher : CreateSpace

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Nicky Testaforte


With the acerbic wit of a jaded New Yorker, Nicky Testaforte tells over 70 stories of the ridiculous things he's seen and heard in addition to relating stories from his clients and other drivers. Also included are six photos of misspelled, bastardized english 'Only in NY' signs, plus over 40 driving/travel tips and scathing admonishments for all the amateur drivers and limo passengers he sees on a daily basis.

After driving a limo throughout the Tri-State New York City area, it was hard not to hear and see a lot of stupid and funny things. Clients wanted me to tell stories and a few of them said "Wow, you should write a book". So I did.

What a Job!,

What a job to be a limo driver. I think that this writer hit just the right spot with humor and wit. Of course, I immediately wanted to fly to New York and find the writer/driver to spend a day with him at work. I just don't think I would get the same experience in Southern Illinois as in New York...A definite read and a quick one.......... I recommend it!

Gritty, Funny Tales of a NYC Limo Driver

I like first-person books like this. This New York City limo driver tells hilarious passenger stories: many tales of the self-important, the socially inept, the priapic and the certifiable. He also gives great commentary about the limo industry. During my traveling days, I used a lot of limo services and I wish I had this book back then. The trade talk and inside baseball chat would have made my work easier. I hope the author writes more of the same.

Truly an Entertaining, Fun Read and a Glance into a World Few See

Nicky Testaforte's book is among the most fun I've read in a long time.

The stories discussing everything from sex, drugs, abundant excess, and more abundant excess are truly facinating and greatly entertaining.

Insight into the world of a limo driver is something that few people ever think about, yet alone are exposed to and it's amazing to read about the people that Nicky has interacted with over his career.

I found the book impossible to put down as each story was so entertaining I had to see what was next. It's an easy read and not for those easily offended. Nicky writes as I imagine he talks and certainly as those he's writing about talk and there is profanity laced throughout the book. Never inappropriate and important to the stories, the language is necessary to fully get the feeling of many of the tales.

Mr. Testaforte has an excellent talent with his writing style. He builds rapport with the reader as I imagine he does his passengers...it immediately sucks the reader into his world.

I highly recommend the book. Read a few of the excerpts here and just try not to order it!

I'm hoping for a follow-up.

This is what it's all about

Once you start reading "Tales of a New York Limo Driver" you won't be able to stop. The stories in this book remind me of 20 years ago -- when I was able to party all night long. Reading this is the next best thing.

It's obvious that the author/narrator had a great time writing this book and you'll have a great time reading it too. This is the first self-published memoir I've ever read, and I was blown away. This book deserves the buzz it's getting. I'm looking forward to the sequel, the pay-per-view show, and the audiobook version. Only in America!


Being a driver myself, I can honestly relate to the stories and suggestions made in this book! Being a limo driver is one of the most exciting and thrilling jobs a person can do, minus the horrific treatment provided by thoughtful clients making insensitive remarks to us. This books describes it all and is well written. I enjoyed it from start to finish, any limo driver should read this, as well as the clients needing a refresher in the subject of "The world that doesn't revolve around them"!

Funniest book I've read all year!,

I had to put Nicky's book down while reading it on the bus. I kept laughing out loud.

Nicky, you're a wonder . . . thanks so much for the fun read. I needed it.