On a Hidden Field - The Kids Who Saw the Future

Mystery & Thrillers

By Dennis Allums

Publisher : Allums Puiblishing

ABOUT Dennis Allums

Dennis Allums
Hello everyone, my name is Dennis Allums and I am the author of On a Hidden Field, The Kids Who Saw the Future. I'm interested in all types of activities and hobbies, especially mathematics and physics, in particular, super string theory (M-theory). I would classify myself as open minded More...



There has never been a book like On a Hidden Field, the public attempt to save America from America by telling it from a futuristic point of view.  Originally written in 1976 and rewritten in 1992, the first copy was written and submitted in 2003.  All the predictions in this book were made available to a worldwide audience, including film executives in Hollywood, years before the events came true.   No one listened.   There are predictions ranging from the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, which the predictors no longer wanted to be associated with, despite the apparent accuracy of this catastrophic social and economic collapse in America, years before it occurred.  All these predictions were made by five teenage misfits, and what they have predicted and accomplished is unprecedented.  

Late 2001, the United States government urged all creative minds to help fortell what those who are opposed to America might do next. I wrote On a Hiden Field, first as a screenplay in 2003/04 to warn all Americans. It was given to industry people in Hollywood in 2005. Many claim it was turned into an N.B.C. T.V. series (which made ovr $1 Billion) for it ad so many of our unusual chraterisitics, this has never been proven beyond doubt. What is true is that all or most (depending on who you talk to) of the predictions came true and the proof of this is posted on our website for any media or individual to exam or challenge. The world functions like a predetermined machine that if studied closely, certain patterns, probabilities and propesnsities cn be ascertaied t th point of accuaelyprdictiong events before tey occur.