Terminal Velocity (Adventures of Josiah Jones, Book 2)

Full Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Dawson Vosburg

Publisher : D Productions Publishing

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Dawson Vosburg
i am DAWSON VOSBURG.i love MUSIC.i love MOVIES.i love BOOKS.I was born in the '90s ('94. Do the math--I turn 16 in August). I write books, movies, music, and reviews for all three.I have three brothers. They're great. Two older. One younger.my WEBSITE.


The imaginary world is just as Josiah Jones left it, but it's all about to change.

Events surrounding the death of an agent have compelled Josiah and Tom to find the RED Agency's new headquarters, but things are more than they seem. A mysterious third party interferes, and no one knows whose side they could be on. The second installment of the Adventures of Josiah Jones is more exciting, more action-packed, and even more intriguing than the first.

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