31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter

ABOUT Frank S. Adamo

Frank S. Adamo
A Communication Skills Specialist, international trainer/instructor, and a published author, Frank S. Adamo's mission is to take individuals from being uncomfortable when giving presentations, or otherwise speaking in public, to becoming Spotlight Presenters, where they are knowledgeable a More...


Want to be a Quality Presenter?


A MUST HAVE REFERENCE SOURCE, 31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter is a Great Gift for Students and Business Presenters


The quick-review reference guide, 31 TIPS TO BECOMING AN EFFECTIVE PRESENTER, is a must-have resource for every business person, all executives sharpening their skills, every company looking to hone their employees’ presentation skills, and for all students who want to jump-start their career.


Available as audio and e-book downloads for smart phones or electronic reading devices, the paperback version easily slides into a suit pocket or purse.

I come from a technical background. I have a Master's degree in analytical chemistry and I worked in the industry for 13 years. Thereafter, I set up my own computer consulting business which I've had for more than 20 years. In all those years, I have seen hundreds of presentations and I have presented several. The vast majority have been technically enriching, and yet rather boring. Why? Because the presenters generally have years of knowledge and experience in the field of expertise, yet at the same time, little or no training or experience in giving presentations. Some say there are more than 7,000 presentations per day. How many are really effective. Because, I've been there and I now know what it takes to give effective presentations, I wrote this book as a general first 31 steps to giving effective presentations. The "31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter" was specifically designed to be a quick-review, reference book for any presenter preparing for his/her presentation. The pocketbook was sized to fit conveniently into a suit pocket or a purse. The audio CD was narrated to be easily listened to while driving to a presentation or on a flight to a presentation. The book is also available in an e-book version or down loadable version for you ipod or ipad

“31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter is well organized, to the point, and easy to read. This is ideal for any level of presenter who wants greater credibility, command, and confidence when speaking.”

– Sheryl Roush, Internationally, top-rated trainer, speaker, and author, Sparkle Presentations


I'm a big fan of Frank Adamo - the Godfather of Effective Communications. Adamo is a gentle, intelligent soul with a profound understanding of the power of effective communications and the practical experience which comes from testing and trying out various ideas on his own. I think it is a little bit of a misnomer to say that there are only 31 tips in this book. In truth, the simple tips Adamo shares with us involve multiple techniques, thoughtful questions, and checklists of important information. As a paid speaker myself, I find it useful to review Adamo's tips prior to accepting a speaking engagement and to take his light, easy-to-follow book on the plane with me. While much of what he says is common sense, and standard procedure in the world of competitive Toastmasters, Adamo is one of the few people that really gets me motivated to apply these ideas in a consistent fashion. I recommend his book with out hesitation or reservation. Every professional speaker and everyone who makes a living in communications needs to have this book in their luggage.


         J.C. Drew, Fund-Raising Consultant, Contractor and Trainer


"I find the book was very organized and presented in an orderly and entertaining way. It speaks to different levels of presenters and speakers from a "Public Speaking for Dummies" kind of primer to a great reminder for the very experienced. Frank beautifully laid out how to interact with an audience, making the experience not just a one-way presentation, but a two way dialog where the speaker learns as well.”


         C. Walsh, Participant in the 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking



“I really enjoy reading the book "31 Tips to becoming an Effective Presenter! I could not stop reading the book until I finished reading it once. The book is easy to read, very well organized and to the point.  It clearly explains the techniques on how to give effective presentation. It is a must read book for technical professionals who are reluctant to deliver presentations.”


         Yetti Chiu. MBA/ FCCA



"I found your book to be very clearly written and full of practical tips for speakers and would-be speakers.”


– Dilip Abayasekara PhD, 2005-06 Toastmasters International President, Speaker Services Unlimited