Vanished: Book Two: The Saga of EverWing

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By MJ Grothoff

Publisher : Outskirts Press

Vanished: Book Two: The Saga of EverWing

ABOUT MJ Grothoff

MJ Grothoff
I am a twice published Independent Author working on an 8 book series with several other series in line. I love writing and will continue always.....


Vanished continues the EverWing story with Gavee and his two traveling companions on the road to the home of the Green Dragons. Vanished pushes the three Masu¨ras on a path through a Wizard’s realm, a Wizard waiting for their arrival so he may tangle them all within his lies. These tricks push Gavee and his friends to trust the untrustworthy, placing everyone within the Wizard’s eye in danger. Vanished is the second book in the eight book series “The Saga of EverWing” and begins the unseen road for Prince Gavee EverWing and all those who follow.

I love reading Fantasy (plus Sci-Fi) series and I love writing so I decided to collaborate both desires into one. I created a world containing 5 islands and this first series is around one island and its inhabitants. I picked up a great artist along the way (Greg Eales) and together, we are growing this adventure. We will have a comic book out sometime next year with an Xbox / PC game tagged with Book 3 of this series.