James Bond: License To Quote - The Quotable 007

James Bond: License To Quote - The Quotable 007

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Colin Jarman
Colin has published over 30 books in the US & UK, ranging from biography to humor, sports to science, Judge Dredd to James Bond to Doctor Who, Fred Astaire to Roy Race, Ryder Cup to World Cup.Runs Blue Eyed Books publishing humor books from "James Bond: Licence To Quote"  More...


LICENSE TO ‘QUOTE’ is the first book of humorous quotations solely dedicated to the ever-expanding universe surrounding James Bond - 007. 

This volume - of 1500 light-hearted quotes - uniquely focuses on humorous comments made about 007 rather than direct quotes from the Bond films or books.
“Bond has no sense of humor, telling only one joke in all 14 books (in Goldfinger (1959) - and it isn’t very funny).”
Anthony Horowitz in The Daily Telegraph (2008)

"Everyone in Bond is named after somebody Ian Fleming knew. Pussy Galore was probably his cleaning lady."
Sinclair Mackay, The Man with the Golden Touch (2008)

LICENSE TO ‘QUOTE’ is all over the lighter side of Double-0 Seven like a cheap safari suit on Roger Moore. Bond’s life and legend, books and movies, enemies and lovers, cars and gadgets all come in for close inspection. 007 is as much a sitting target for defecation by the sardonic snipers in the press as an object of deification by the eulogistic empathists populating the fansites.

"I have friends who talk about the pleasures of the Bond fantasy. But what that really boils down to is a bald bad guy, a bird in a bikini and loud bangs in a foreign country."
Cosmo Landesman in The Times (2002)

“Indiana Jones, Arnie, Derek Flint et al owe a major debt to Bond, James Bond. Or perhaps Broccoli, Cubby Broccoli.”
Michael Cooper on Alternative007.co.uk (2006)

LICENSE TO ‘QUOTE’ turns the tables on the world’s favorite spy and turns the spotlight on him. A veritable Who’s Who of observers and commentators - from all over the globe - take dead aim at James Bond: man and myth, superspy and superstar.

Comical contributions come from his creators, his biographers, his critics, his fans, his imitators and from a wide selection of media sources over the last 50 years. The depth and diversity of this source material clearly demonstrates the unrivaled level of recognition and the extraordinary fan-base James Bond has built up since he first appeared in 1953.

“It is hard to overestimate the effect James Bond had on post-war readers and audiences. Here was the first English hero who didn’t own a sensible jumper.”
Christopher Fowler in The Independent on Sunday (2006)

“In 1963 ... The Vatican condemned Dr. No as a ‘dangerous mixture of violence, vulgarity, sadism and sex.’ Ka-ching!”
Manohla Dargis in The New York Times (2006)

For fifty years, 007 has been at the summit of the best-seller’s list, at the top of the cinema box-office and remains at the forefront of the world’s consciousness. His iconic image and cultural footprint are legendary: License To 'Quote' celebrates that legend.
"I purchased this largely expecting a collection of "who said what in which film." Instead, the book is a well-researched, carefully organized compendium of not just lines from the 007 movies, but of critiques and pop-culture references from throughout the history of the series, touching on not only the plots, but actors (those assaying Bond in particular), heroines, villains, and more.
If you're a serious 007 fan - especially one in need of a quote or comment on the super secret agent and/or his world that hasn't already been read a hundredfold - this is the book to buy."

"A brand new book for the James Bond fan is on store shelves … Available now is James Bond: Licence To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven, compiled and edited by Colin M. Jarman, containing more than 1,500 quotes about the world’s most famous British spy … Licence To Quote is the first quotations book solely dedicated to the ever-expanding universe that surrounds James Bond."

"Blue Eyed Books has collected 1500 hilarious and provocative quotable quotes on all things 007 ... Quotes are sorted by actor, film, the books, Bond's world, etc.  A great read, one of the more entertaining Bond phenomenon books of the past ten years."

"James Bond: License To Quote: The Quotable Double-0 Seven ... contains over 1500 quotations about James Bond and his world, though not actually from Bond himself in the films or the books. It was compiled and written by Colin M Jarman. You can learn more about the book by checking out its website or thru Twitter."

"A great idea! Why has no one done it before? Funny quotes about all the main areas of James Bond and some surprising obscure themes like the Real James Bond and 007 compared to other fictional spies like Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. Plus a very wide catchment of sources from Jerry Seinfeld to Gregory House MD. All in all a great book with hours of fun and interest. 007 out of 007!"

“A surprisingly good biographical and extremely useful reference book on all things James Bond. This deeply researched volume of quotations about 007 is a joy to read over and over, as well as great fun to share with friends and other Bond fans. The content covers every aspect of the Bond legend - books, movies, actors, writers, accessories : all set out in neat self-contained sections. There is an amazing amount of material that I have never seen before so kudos to Mr Jarman for finding it and bringing it out into the open. I have not found another book like this that covers so many quotes about James Bond, so I can highly recommend it. Five stars.”