By Colin T Mercer

Publisher : AEG Publications

ABOUT Colin T Mercer

Colin T Mercer
Hi my name is Colin T. Mercer and I am a poet and writer.  I grew up in “The Village area” of South Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I am currently working on a second volume of poetry and a collection of short stories.  I hhave also arrived at the finishing stages of my first novel wh More...



Colin Mercer’s brilliantly insightful poetry, For Irish Eyes: Poetic Experiences from Ireland, is a collection of a man’s experiences, perceptions, and musings.  

Mercer presents the reader with a treasure of snapshots—from everyday occurrences to joyous, sad, and traumatic events—set among the lush countryside of Ireland. 

Join him on a walk through the heathers along the coast and experience the sights, sounds and smells where “every morning is delivered new within a package of frosted dew.”  Look through Irish eyes to feel a child’s near-death experience, a betrayal of human trust, a soothing conversation with a wise old man at his countryside cottage. 

Mercer’s verse, peppered with a lively, rhythmic voice, brings vivid imagery to the mind’s eye.   As an artist splashes color on a canvas, this poet uses situations as a backdrop and happenings as his palette to present a masterpiece of life experiences, folklore, and legendary tales.   

For Irish Eyes will become a treasured compilation that will have a permanent place in your library and in your heart.

Inspired from years of living on the Island of Ireland I decided to try to put into words what it felt like, what you seen and who you where to live in Ireland and be Irish. I spent most of my life so far unaware that most people didnt see the world as i did, or should I say hear it is I heard it. You see, I have a rare condition know as Synesthesia which means that I see colours in sound. Some are more vivid than others, for example music and the sound of the wind or sea crashing on rocks. I also have been fortunate in being able to express what I see and hear in words, particuliarly poetry. This first publication for me was an attempt to open my world to others and to allow everyone to view a Synesthic world in someways like a virtual world within a computer when sounds and pulses are shown and displayed in graphic colours and bars. I have used this kind of format to express my view on life bringing together the history of Ireland from folklore to growing up in the troubles of Ulster right back to historical happenings. To this end the book is a medium for irish eyes, a sort of guide to Ireland seen by people of irish decent. I hope you enjoy reading For Irish Eyes as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Colin T Mercer

You're probably thinking a book of poetry you? Yes. Yes me, I in fact love this book. Okay, i love everything Irish, but this caught my eye.

This is a book filled with vivid imagery and a wonderful sense of imagination and play. What I enjoyed most about this is that it isn't as poetic as some of the peom books I normally read. Of course I did need to read it a few times before putting the review up, my sincere apologies Colin.

This is a great book for anyone to read I highly recommend it.
Okay, So quickly, published in August of 2009 and you can find it on, on his website you can order the book there, for a bit faster, as 1-3 weeks was very hard, because in reality it's a bit more than 3 weeks to come to Canada!
The front cover image is awesome and peaceful and this is one of the finest photos of the Irish coast I've seen in a while.
It lives up to the writing inside. Simple elegant and everything on would want in a poetic experience book.
I recommend this book for readers and for those who need a great sense of beauty, wild and elegance in a poetic form.


T. Anne said...
OOh, I want to get that book. In fact I'm going to write down the title and author right now. Thanx! October 14, 2009 8:33 AM