Broken Promises Never Mend *Special Edition*

Comics & Graphic Novels, General Fiction, Romance

By Allison Grace

Publisher : Illuminnssence Publishing/Createspace

ABOUT Allison Grace

Allison Grace
Meet Allison Edwards formerly known as Essence M & now known as "Allison Grace". The beautiful brain behind Illuminnessence Publishing, founded in 2007 by this avid writer/ reader who began her love affair with words at a tender age. Allison went on to create an extensive cat More...



Tamika Adams never lost in anything she did as a child. Now all grown up she's seeking to win in the battle called Love. Soon she meets a suitable opponent in Quincy Thompson, a man who definetely brings his A-game and quickly sweeps her off her feet. When their two worlds collide, its filled with passion, love and sex. However lurking in the shadows are secrets and lies from the past that will turn their world upside down and cause their alliances to shift. Will they continue to play on the same side or will their fight for love simply be a recipe for disaster!?