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ABOUT Nneka Howell

Nneka Howell
Nneka J. Howell (Lady Poet) was born on May 17, 1990 on the south side of Chicago, IL. Growing up on the south side of chicago wasn't always the most safe place to be. Keeping a positive mindset and having a relationship with God was always key when negativity struck. Aside from positi More...



Desire (di-'zi(-a)r) is a young woman who goes to the extremes of supplying the needs of her peers and family that she loses her own identity in the process. In the mist of getting her life back, things start to fall apart and she is headed towards death. Every decision counts now more than ever and she doesn't have much to lose. In the mean time, God is nowhere to be found and Desire is set to self destruct. Can this young lady pull her life back together before she hits rock bottom or will she die searching for it?

What would you do if God wasn't an option???

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