A Poet's Heart

ABOUT Nneka Howell

Nneka Howell
Nneka J. Howell (Lady Poet) was born on May 17, 1990 on the south side of Chicago, IL. Growing up on the south side of chicago wasn't always the most safe place to be. Keeping a positive mindset and having a relationship with God was always key when negativity struck. Aside from positi More...



This book is not just sheets of paper combined with words. It is a force of creativity, pain, and laughter. This book defines different, but real life situations in which individuals go through daily. The author takes both her own experiences along with others as she combines them all to create a strong message. This book serves as a reflection of hope, struggle, joy, commitment, hunger, friendship, and love. The mission of this book of poetry is to broaden one's thoughts as well as touch their soul. To let those in a struggle know that they are not alone, and a reminder to those on good terms to hold on. Perhaps one can look at this book as a message that is no longer hidden. It is a message of survival and inspiration. A Poet's Heart is a message to those who are able to stand the truth, as well as forgive the past. So if you think you are alone in this world....let me introduce you to A Poet's Heart.