Wolf Hood

Mystery & Thrillers

By Darlene Berger

Publisher : Lulu

Wolf Hood

ABOUT Darlene Berger

Darlene Berger
Darlene Berger is a native New Yorker, who loves art and the urban life. Wolf Hood is her first self published novel.



Wolf Hood gives the age old werewolf legend an urban, and modern day twist. Each chapter revolves around a new dilemma for the beast. Wolf Hood is short and enticing. Wolf Hood brings the werewolf to a hood near you.

I have seen werewolves dwell in many places via books and movies but I've never seen them in the South Side of Queens or the Bronx. I wanted to bring werewolves to the hoods of these urban neighborhoods around NYC. And then I wanted to subject these werewolves to the dilemmas of everyday life. Dealing with relationship problems, late trains for work, and old vendettas makes the full moon become NOT the only thing that unleashes the beast within.